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Jiraiya Addams massage therapist sixth world massage therapySixth World is the professional practice of Jiraiya Addams, LMP.

   I graduated from Seattle Massage School (since variously called Ashmead College and Everest ) in 1999 and have worked full-time as a massage therapist in the Seattle area ever since.

   In addition to my own practice, I have also worked at hotels, spas, and airport seated-massage stores.

   I have offered my services on a volunteer basis for Bailey-Boushay House,  and for various charities, benefits, and  public-education health fairs around Seattle and western Washington.

   As a masseur my focus has always been on maximum benefit for my clients, and so I have cultivated a broad base of skills in various massage styles or modalities. I would have to say I am most skilled at deep-tissue work and also manual lymphatic drainage massage, but am also proficient as Swedish massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, and soft-tissue injury treatment massage. Learn more about these terms here.

   To complement my technical training I have also studied anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to improve my understanding of the human body. I am also a Reiki adept and enhance that with regular practice of qi gong, kuji-in, and zazen meditation.

   My new office, Sixth World on Seattle's First Hill (a.k.a. Pill Hill), is just the latest chapter in my ongoing massage career.

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