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About Massage
Swedish Massage is characterized by flowing strokes, kneading motions, and gentle stretching maneuvers; all performed with light to moderate pressure and depth. Swedish is best suited for blissful relaxation, or as a connecting technique to smoothly  link more advanced styles. Learn more here.

Myofascial Release is focused on working with the connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds and contains the body's muscles and other structure. Fascia can become adhered to itself, and also become constrictively 'wound up' around major joints like shoulders and hips; impinging nerves and inhibiting circulation. MFR is meant to unstick and unwind these problems. Learn more here.

Prenatal Massage is safe for women at any and all stages of pregnancy, and is meant to relieve many of the aches and pains that come with the changing gravid body. Skill at prenatal massage mostly comprises knowledge of the various stages of pregnancy, and adapting other techniques to suit those special needs and limitations. Learn more here.

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment: Massage is excellent for treating soft-tissue injuries such as muscle-strains and sprains, after acute symptoms have subsided (usually after 48-72 hours). Learn more here.
Deep Tissue Massage is sometimes
described as "Swedish at half-speed and double-power" and as the name implies is meant to reach deeper muscles and structures. With a suitable Swedish 'warm-up' to prepare the client, deep tissue work need not be unduly painful. Learn more here.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is meant to address blockages and poor circulation in the lymphatic system: which serves both as a 'sewer system' for toxins and the body's metabolic waste products and as a 'highway system' for white blood cells (lymphocytes). MLD is excellent for general detoxification (great both pre- and post-surgery) as well as reducing localized swelling and bruises. Learn more here.

Sports Massage, as the name implies, is meant for athletes (professional or amateur) or for anyone pursuing fitness goals. Sports massage is focused on enhancing performance, aiding training, reducing injuries, and reducing recupe time. Learn more here.

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