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Services and Fees

Introductory Special

For new clients, I offer an 'welcome' offer: your choice of either a second complementary session after your first (essentially a buy-one-get-one-free deal) OR a flat 20.00 discount off your first session.

Massage Sessions

30 Minutes                       40.00 
60 Minutes                       70.00 
90 Minutes                       90.00 
120 Minutes                   110.00

Pre-paid Discount Packages

5 Hours              -10%            315.00 
10 Hours            -20%            560.00 
15 Hours            -30%            735.00 
20 Hours            -40%            840.00
Maximum Flexibility Use your package hours at whatever rate you like, in whatever mixture of 30-minute, 1-hour, 90-minute, and 2-hour sessions pleases you. vNo expiration dates apply. Buy now, and avoid possible future ‘inflation’.Treat your friends and family: Gift Certificates are available.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Six Month Plans: 

One 1-hour session/month         -10%                                 63.00
Two 1-hour sessions/month       -20%                                112.00  
Four 1-hour sessions/month      -30%                                196.00    

One 90-minute session/month    -15%                                 76.50  
Two 90-minute sessions/month  -25%                                135.00  
Four 90-minute sessions/month -35%                                234.00   

One Year Plans: 

One 1-hour session/month          -20%                                 56.00  
Two 1-hour sessions/month         -40%                                84.00  
Four 1-hour sessions/month        -50%                               140.00

One 90-minute session/month     -25%                                67.50  
Two 90-minute sessions/month    -45%                               99.00  
Four 90-minute sessions/month   -50%                              180.00

           The subscriber provides a credit/debit card number, and the monthly fees are charged on the 25th of each month.       
         Sessions do not expire. If you are too busy to come in some month, come more often later on.     
         Early cancellations of subscriptions are possible, although they entail a small termination penalty equal to one month’s regular fee.       
         Optionally, sessions can be issued in the form of Gift Certificates to share with family and friends.

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