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"Let me start by saying that I had one of the best massages of my life from Jiraiya today.

I had gotten a deal on a group buying website and I made my appointment a few weeks out due to the busy schedule.

I arrived with an open mind and a sore back-I left with the information on how to get a monthly massage here with the full intent to keep going back again and again.

As a woman, my safety and modesty is important, and in every way, I felt totally comfortable and was able to completely relax and enjoy my massage.

I never felt for a moment that I got anything better than the absolute best massage even though I came in as a 'deal' customer so I'm sure that this is a constant level of good service delivery.

I highly recommend and can't wait to go back and have another amazing massage soon!"
 Julie A.

I have a subscription to Sixth World, 2 massages per month. I think Jiraya is a talanted and sensitive masseuse and highly recommend him. I first learned of him via a coupon offer. I found the massage to be top drawer, as have the two people (one an MD) who I gave gift sessions to. So the masseuse is a hippie! The table was as comfortable as any and the massage was 5 stars. I am a massage conneseur, too.
Lynn B.

"Having been a customer for several years, I'm intrigued by the very different reviews. If you're looking for the luxury spa experience, you should choose a luxury spa, and expect to pay spa rates. If you use massage as a regular part of your health regimen, and are looking for high quality at a reasonable price, you should give this long-time local business a try.

I first became a customer when I bought a massage certificate from a charity auction. The massage I got was professional, thorough, and tailored to my needs. That's been true for all the dozens of massages I've received from Jiraiya since then!  

I am in my 40s and weight train more aggressively than my age supports; aches and pains happen. Jiraiya keeps up with my regimen, works with me to mitigate its effects, and offers a volume discount that makes 2-3 sessions a month affordable for me. Like others, I appreciate Jiraiya's good nature and good humor.

I'm a fan."

"I am new to Capitol Hill, and was looking for a new massage place, so I was glad to see a bargain Deal Swarm coupon hit my inbox for this place, which is pretty near my place. I called, got voice-mail and left a message, and the owner got back to me in under an hour. We weren't able to set a same day appointment (he was all booked up) which was a shame, but we got one going for the weekend. The place took a little finding, but I managed. The place itself is nothing to talk about: just an office. Jiraiya the owner and massage therapist was friendly and professional. I had filled out his intro health paperwork online, and he asked me a lot of follow-up questions (I have a complicated medical history) which made me think well of his medical knowledge. The massage was simply terrific: It was very thorough and the pressure level was always just what was needed. I felt 100% better afterwards, and even better the next day. I called him up and set another appointment for next month, and signed up for a discount  plan that will get me a 20% off my massage for coming in once a month, which I like to do anyway."
Marion R.

"Jiraiya  gives excellent, relaxing, pain and soreness relieving massages.  After a couple of ride-everyday one-week snowboard trips this past winter, I was so happy to get home to these great massages - they really help bring me back from ultra-sore to nearly normal!  and he does a superb job on hands and feet which is very important for me.  The  studio at Boren and Madison is perfectly located for me, the massage table is always clean with fresh linens, and the relaxing music is just right.  Plus, the occasional sale pricing on pre-purchase of 5+ massages puts semi-regular massage within my reach!  Bargain.
Brian F.

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